Tsukuita; The Ultimate Musical Anime


If you are a lover of animation series: Then Tsukiuta will be your thing this summer. Tsukiuta is a great musical animation exhibiting amazing creativity well spelt out in Cosplay show.  And oh, definitely you will love the blend of costume applied in this awesome 2016 summer release movie series.


The group is composed of male idols referred to as the Six Gravity and Procellarum which present a musical series with each starring in a different episode of the creation. They live together and engage in music and dance and a collection of thrilling activities and therefore ultimately enjoy their youthful life together.

The dance is electrifying in each aspect. The music rhythm and the beat will keep you dancing on you chair.

We are welcomed to Tsukiuta’s world by a grade-school kid Syunpei who provides an insightful perspective. Since he’s just attending an event to get Merch for his sister and couldn’t care less about the idols, we’re spared the increasingly tired moment of the viewer-insert character freaking out over being in the same room as a pop star. This lets Kakeru and the other idols interact with him in a normal, human manner that plays into Kakeru’s nice guy personality. The big moment is when Syunpei figures out who he’s been hanging out with all day is impossible not to see coming, but it’s kind of cute in a sappy way.

Haduki You, The Free-spirted

Among the characters to look out for is Hadzuki You: He is a member of Procellarum and is a symbolization of the August month. He is fair skin and muscular and remarkably adorned in a loose pony tail tie back wig. At Procellarum he is outgoing and he is in control of retort. He has a sense of beauty and fashion. He conducts himself with professionalism.

hazuki You

He is son of a monk and has 2 brothers, Sou the stiff-necked and Tooru, the lively idol. Due to his sense of fashion and wits ladies find him charming. He tends to attract women to his circle.

Amongst his costumes his orange red synthetic ponytail cosplay wig tends to stand out. These short straight back tied synthetic hair is really fashionable, attention commanding and available in most Cosplay stores. Its light weighted and easy to clean.

Its high-synthetic fibre are heat resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 80ᵒC

It’s available in amazon platform at very fair price. In fact it costs only $12.55.


d2bbe50dc8352b6914a3c38c77e998bf (1)  http://www.wig-supplier.com/tsukiuta-haduki-you-anime-short-straight-orange-red-with-loose-back-ponytail-synthetic-cosplay-wigs-p-4503.html

Shiwasu Kakeru: The Short Golden Idol

Another notable character in this series is Shiwasu Kakeru the gold themed, orange eyed and the shortest among the idols in the series. He is designed to represent the month of December


This fairly skinned idol with blonde hair is a dedicated worker and loosing is not in his choices. He loves food. He is has ego and some pinch of pride and likes to be self-reliant. He moves out of parents house and wish to live on his own. He is the shortest in the two units: Six Gravity and Procellarum. He is just 165cm!

Kareku appears adorned in a bright blonde fluffy synthetic Cosplay wig. It’s short, straight, soft and easy to wear. Its light and very attractive. Suitable for parties and will single you out when you are in a crowd.





Tsukiuta will leave you entertained by the lively music and dances. Each character plays out excellently. The cosplay is on point and professionally managed and designed to make each character appealing and lively. Visit your best cosplay store and you acquire any of the featured costumes.


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