Bahati Owes Kenyans a Remorseful Apology.



Of the Jubilee Party Merger over the weekend, Hit Gospel singer won all the show: in a bad way! Bahati who is famed for his gospel hits like ‘Itakuwa sawa’, ‘Mama’ and ‘Visanga’ gathered a lot of social media buzz by grabbing the President’s seat.

At one point when he was performing, Bahati took the president by the arm and pulled him out of the presidential chair. You might argue his charge of adrenaline was exceeding him. But as if this was not enough he also pulled out the deputy president.  He sang while seated at their seat and careless patching his leg on the presidential chair. This to my opinion was a bit more out of order and quite disrespectful.

I am a great fan of his music. In fact I have almost all his songs in my playlist. But that act was unjustifiable and embarrassing. As a gospel artist he needs to have self-control and be moderate in his actions. Protocols should be observed at all times and there is no shortcut to that.

The president is leader and ruler of the republic, the Commander-in-chief of the Forces, the leader and the overseer of all government arms and functions; and not just another guy to joke and play with! He needs to be respected at all cost and approached with humility and trebling. The way old Wazees always humbled and bowed when addressing and approaching leaders.

We have rights and privileges and might want to do crazy things to impress the audience but the law of respect is paramount.  There is no privilege that allows one to do embarrassing acts to his superiors.

What are protocols for? Are the just some writings? But as it is just a campaign period this will go with the breeze.  The president will just dance to it. I wonder where were his security when this ugly incident happened?

Bahati owes Kenyans a remorseful apology. Please share and tag him for the apology.