How To Make Money On YouTube


For content creators, film makers, cinematographers, artists and tutors YouTube comes with lots of goodies for you. You can passively make loads of cash through this social site.

Here we are going to go through some procedure you can follow to earn via YouTube.

What you need:

  • A YouTube channel: You must have your own YouTube channel, and to setup one you need to be 18 years and older. There are simple easy to follow steps when signing up for a YouTube account.
  • Original video content: You tube is strict on copyright issues. Any fraud on copyright privileges is taken serious and can make you to be penalized. To avoid plagiarism suits and penalties you have to upload your own original videos.
  • Google AdSense& You Tube Partnership: This is a platform that Google uses to monitor, calculate for adverts viewed and to play them. You will need to setup an account with Google AdSense then link it to you YouTube channel. YouTube Partnership program authorizes payments after every given period.
  • Online banking accounts: In order to access the cash you need to have PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer or any other account that supports online payments.
  • Active Audience: you have a good flow of traffic to your site. They have to be engaged and at least click the ads on your channel.

In YouTube the major source of funding is through ads displayed and marketed in your page. So you have good advance presence so as to earn considerable amount. Here is the procedure to monetize videos in YouTube:

  1. Upload an original video. You need to own the copyright of the content you upload.
  2. Allow ads from Google, other websites or blogs linked to your channel.
  3. Market and make your content to have as many viewers as you possibly can.
  4. Convince your audience to click and view the ads.
  5. Under your channel in monetize your videos. Enable monetize videos And link them to AdSense. Allow all preferable ads to play in the page. Read all procedure and laws carefully to be sure what you are committing to.

Now you need to know now the types of adverts available in YouTube:

  • The overly in-video ads- they play on your screen when you play you video. They have boxes and have products links. Once you click them they will they will take you to an external site.
  • Skippable video ads– This are video adverts that play in your channel. They are just seconds long and have a skip button

Some guaranteed ways to make earn through YouTube.

Product mention/ Sponsored Ads: You can access clients and present their products and services in your video. This will give you good income. You will need to model your video to showcase your client’s products.

Affiliate marketing: Here you market client’s product. Once the product and services are bought you get your earning. You have to do intense marketing benefit from this strategy.

Once you have good number of views you can be assured of having a passive income for almost all your life. You can make $5-10 per 1000 views. The more the views and adverts you have more the income. You need to have HD videos with a good sound quality to attract your viewers. You have to make sure your channel ranks high in Google search engines. Educational and entertainment videos tend to attract more views and adverts. All the best as you invest in youtube.



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