10 Small Businesses You Can Set Up With Sh.5000

imagesYou may be wondering which type of business you can start with as little as 5000 bob. There are so many small businesses that you can start with that amount and give you some income that can sustain you at the end of the day. On the other hand, you can be sure to get back your capital after a month or so depending on your commitment and customer relation. Here are 10 small businesses that you can start with 5000 bob.

  1. Cleaning Services

This is a very good business for you to start if you are leaving in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa or any other big town where people are busy and rarely get time for their home cleaning. You can start it alone then employ trusted people to assist you. If you are busy and you don’t want to do the work yourself then you can go ahead and get clients then you send your employees to do the work.

  1. Selling Second Hand Clothes (Mitumba)

This is one of the businesses that you can start with as little as sh.1000. “Mitumba” suppliers are all over the country meaning that you can do this business from wherever you are. Most of these clothes go at double the buying price. You just need a space to put your “Mitumba” then pay the county or city council the tax for that day that you have worked.

  1. Selling Chapati and Mandazi

To start selling chapati and mandazi and other homemade snacks you need less than 5k. You can do this business in your neighborhood, you can be sure to make some good sales in the morning; this is the time when people will be buying mandazi and chapati for breakfast. These products are also a favorite for school going children. You need a place with high traffic for this type of business.

  1. Daycare Services

Most women nowadays are in the corporate world and don’t trust house help with their babies. The good part of this business is that you can start it with one or two children just in your house and expand it as the number of children increase. You can give it a trial; it’s an opportunity that has not been fully exploited.

  1. Shoe-shining

To start a shoe shining business you need shoe Polish of different colors, a seat, and a brush. In some towns, you will be required to pay per day which makes your work easy. This business can make you good money if you’re committed and available for your costumers whenever they need you. You need a strategic place where customers can easily access or near bus stops or offices.

  1. Hawking

So many people have started as hawkers and ended up being very successful in life. You need as little as sh.500 to start this business. You can identify different types of products like baby diapers, umbrellas during the rainy season, and lots of edible products.

  1. Sausages and Boiled Eggs

This business needs as less as 1k to start; you can make a double profit at the end of the day. There are two options for this business, you can decide to hawk or have a specific point that you operate from.

  1. Greengrocer and fruit selling

To be a greengrocer you just need to identify a specific point, you don’t need to get a stall in the market; it can do well even in your estate. The expense is low in this business because you can just walk to the market and buy the goods from your favorite supplier and carry it back yourself and with some cheap permits and licenses from the county council you will be good to work.

  1. Selling Lunch in Offices

Most people who are either in their own businesses or working in offices may not get time to go for their favorite lunch. If you can be in a position to prepare food that your clients want then they will be comfortable with your services as opposed to eating from stalls “Kibanda” and restaurants. You need as little as Ksh.1000 to start this business.

  1. Selling Movies

Movie selling is a business that you can still comfortably do if you know where to get movies and duplicate them. Through this you can make some good cash.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of other can do like invest in Shares, or maybe lend it out to a Sacco and after sometime it will yield some good profits later. You can also rear and breed pets among other business ideas. Get a bit more creative and soon you will be making good income out of some simple chores.