How the Internet can Improve Farming Practices.

Nowadays, people are quitting their white color jobs to venture into commercial farming. This has been due to the testimonials from other successful farmers who have been fortunate to excel in the field. To be your own boss in farming career, the internet is a must-have tool. It has loads of information that you direly require.

Here is some useful information on how technology and internet has improved farming.

Best Farming Techniques

The internet has lots of farming techniques which are current and have been proved to be the best. You don’t need to have a lot of information on farming to do it, with access to internet you can learn a lot about farming from small to large-scale farming from the comfort of your home. From the internet you will be able to learn the latest farming methods, the best seeds, the latest high producing breeds in the market, the market channels available. You will get almost all answers to the questions that would be giving you a headache.

Monitor Production

Photo courtesy of Domotele Technology


Technology has improved farming in a big way. We now have poultry farmers using their smartphones to detect health risks and master each hen’s production. The data is collected by sensors attached to each hen and stored in a cloud from where the farmer can easily access it through the internet. That is quite awesome. This has made it possible to master poultry health and avoid cases of theft.

Best Pest and Disease Control

Different regions experience different challenges when it comes to farming; this depends on the type of soil and climate. The challenge is even greater to the working class citizens who can rarely get time to attend seminars on farming; the good news is that there are eBooks, which one can download and get to know how to go about the challenges even before they start farming. You can start farming and become very successful if you do some good research online and get to the necessary knowledge on pest and disease control. Different agricultural departments give periodical reports on the pests and diseases that worry farmers. This information will help you cut losses.

Know Your Region

You must be knowledgeable about which type of crops can do well in your area. How can you do this? You can use the internet and get information on the altitude, rainfall patterns and the type of soil in your area, to guide you on the type of crops to grow. It may be awful to go into farming without this vital information; these are factors that directly affect your production level.


Marketing is a key factor to consider when one is planning to do farming. Days have changed and not many people walk to the market places with their produce on their heads or on trucks. You can advertise your farm produce to 1000s of people within a very short period. Sites like are very good for all types of farmers to engage and interact. Internet has made it possible and opened opportunities for and anyone who is interested can give it a try. Other sites that you can visit include and lastly you can try

Final Thought

Thinking of any type of farming , be it fruits and vegetables, cereals or even animal rearing, once you decided on which way to go, do an online search; you will be surprised by lots of useful information that you will get. You can also go through some testimonials of successful farmers who have been successful by using the internet as their major source of information. Internet saves you a lot of time and you can easily get viable information and solve most of your farming queries.



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