Simple Ways To Start Saving Money Today.



It is possible to save money no matter your financial level. You do not need to have a six digit salary for you to start saving. When you start saving today it’s a mustard seed you are planting, it will grow big and be of great benefit to you some day. Described here are some viable tips you can use to save money today.

Avoid Spending Big Money on Entertainment

Frequent hanging out for entertainment and drinking can be expensive.  With uncontrolled spending in entertainment, it is possible to waste a whole months earning within a few days. Moderating your entertainment plans is a good way to start saving.

Avoid fast foods

Prepackaged meals may be your favorite. But making dinner and snacks at home can be a real enjoyable activity and will save you some money.  When you make some meals for yourself, you are sure to make it to some excellent taste rather than the fast foods you buy from the restaurants.

Save on the lights

Turn off the lights when there is ample natural sunlight.  Ensure the lights are off when you’re leaving your house or maybe when you leave the room. You can also try using energy-saving bulbs to save on electricity costs. It’s good to note most of this energy saving bulbs has a longer life, once you buy them you will not be going to the market to replace them.

Swap Movies, Music And Books

If you are movie or music lover, you don’t need to buy them every day. You can team up with friends and swap and barter with them. Once you have them in your possession and you’re through with them, you can exchange them with your peers. If you have a significant collection, you can exchange them at a movie store or a library.

Buy Quality Appliances

When buying electronics and other devices ensure you do proper research and get top notch items; long lasting items might cost a bit when buying but they will last longer and will save you significant cash. Try to do extensive research when buying appliances and consult users who have worked with it. It is said cheap is expensive.

Quit Using Credit Card.

If you have a temptation of instant spending, whenever you see something appealing, avoid carrying your credit card around. It’s easy to overspend when paying using your card, if you can’t restrain yourself from buying goods and services just try leaving it at home, this will help avoid unnecessary expenses.

Make a Price Comparison

Don’t limit yourself to one store for all you’re shopping. There are always seasonal promotions and offers in different stores, try comparing prices and be up to date with the sales in this outlets. This will help you get the best deals available in the market and will save you a lot of money.

Eliminate Stress- Spending

It’s easy to find yourself spending money just to wind down stress. Spending money won’t reduce stress, so it’s better to engage in activities that will lighten your spirit like exercise, listening to music and dancing or even taking a nap.

Share Dreams and Ambitions.

When you have a big plan, you consider engaging people who are very close to you. They will always guide or criticize you, but they are very honest when doing it. They will also challenge you and give you insights on some issues you might have overlooked. This will save a great amount of money.

Quit Unnecessary Groups

If you have social groups that are not adding much to you, it’s wise to quit them. Such groups may be old clubs, social groupings and maybe ‘chamas’ where you have a membership. In most of them, there are regular contributions.

It’s worthy also to mention moderating your social media use can save you money. Suppose you have tens of active Whatsapp groups that are streaming hundreds of messages images and videos in a minute. You realize how addictive these platforms are.  All these media cost you bundles. Quitting unnecessary groups and pages can save you a lot of money and time.

Observe Cleanliness

By just keeping your hands, fruits and meals clean you will avoid acquiring viruses and bacteria, saving you on medical bills and lost productivity. Basic sanitation will save you a considerable amount of money.

Apply 10 Second Rule.

Whenever you are buying, before paying for an item; ask yourself why you are buying it. This might sound tricky, but it’s a good way to avoid the things you might not need. It will eliminate impulse buying.

Final Thought

The above-outlined tips are very feasible and will help someone to avoid unnecessary spending and therefore save some money. Try them out, and you will soon nurture a saving routine.


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