How you can Turn a Hobby into a Career

When choosing a career there are many attractions that people follow.  Young professionals often fall for the glamour or income that accompanies a certain career.  But there is no better way to accomplish dreams rather than pursuing what you are most passionate about, or simply call it your hobby.

In many cases we have seen chaps go to tertiary institution to pursue courses under intimidation and pressure from their parents. It is evident they end up failing horribly, quitting mid-way or just acquiring it and rarely put it to use.  For those who pursue careers out of love and free-will eventually find themselves doing exceptionally well  with it.

Venture in your Hobby

Apparently, great achievers relentlessly stick to their hobbies. Venturing in a hobby makes one to work out of love rather than obligation. When you follow your passion you will not mind working long hours or looking for extra cash to fund your venture. When you do your hobby all day, every day, with all you have at your disposal turning it to a career becomes an easy transition.


Phyllis Mufson, a famous career coach, believes “a hobby you really enjoy, can be an important part of choosing a career because your hobby, is a window into what you love and value and do most naturally,  which are all important components of a career where you’ll flourish.” Turning your hobby into a paying career does not take exponential efforts; it requires just determination to go through the hurdles. When you master some level of experience you will find it running swiftly.

With this approach, in pursuing a career, it brings tremendous joy and sense of accomplishment. It is most enjoyable as you earn from something you would be doing for free. It is much easier this way, because you have the skills, experience and the relevant connections. This will be essential to succeeding in any field.

Willing to Spend

You can turn your hobbies into a career by making products and services on it. For instance, if you are you are good in baking you can make cakes and pastries and sell them. This is a venture that can earn you good income. For designers and fashion inclined guys, making designer clothes and decorating or branding them can earn good money.  Hobbyists readily buy such items. Its common phenomenon that “Hobbyists tend to be very enthusiastic, passionate and willing to spend money on items related to their hobbies” So whichever hobby you have you can be innovative with it and make money.

You can also teach, coach or train on your hobby, provided your skills are above average. Create tutorials, seminars, and training centers or even do webinar on the internet. You will get interested audience as your clients or referrals from those who pop by. Many people have earned gigs and sustaining income using this approach. You can also write books or create performance series on you hobby. Those on the same hobby will find it resourceful and quite attractive.

“The next time you find yourself confused as to how to generate income from your hobbies, search out most successful entrepreneurs in your area of interest and study their business models and revenue streams. Ask yourself: Is their income coming from consulting services, events, classes, or product sales? What is their pricing strategy?” advises Nancy Collamer, an established life coach.


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