Prescott Papers; the Solution to Your Writing Needs

In college and university handling assignments, essays, dissertations and research papers is a task that causes a headache to almost every student. Failure to deliver on them might lead to failing on exams. Such tasks are detestable and especially for students who have other demanding responsibilities like having a job or a family to attend to. Likewise, Professionals sometimes find themselves with a large workload yet they have very tight schedule to complete it. In such situations it is quite significant to seek for expert writers to handle projects on your behalf.  I stumbled upon Prescott Papers when I needed help on some research writing. Here is my experience on why I like their work.


Prescott Papers is an online platform that has been assisting professional and students with all type of writing. Their services are undertaken by experts who give top notch products. Besides receiving my work at the stipulated time, I would say their prices are much fair and pocket friendly. I have learnt many tips on handling assignments. For instance, I read some really insightful articles like How To Write A 20 Pages In One Night and Is Buying A Paper Online Plagiarism?. You might also be interested to check on How to be a single mom in college it has rich guidance on how you can balance between your family and schooling.

What is amazing with this site is that they generously give information on writing. This is something that I have been lacking in other writing service platforms. Prescott Papers has a handful of blog posts and articles with implementable information, something you would be spending heavily in consultation. For instance you will learn of How To Get Away With Not Doing Homework. Did I mention you can escape some of this Plagiarism checkers? That is something that you will not learn anywhere else.

As a matter of fact, I came to learn; Prescott Papers is trusted and serves over 1100 students and professionals all over the world for custom academic writing, editing and revisions, resume and business writing. This vividly shows the level of integrity they have they possess among their clients.  Handling all business writing is now simplified for you. I would most confidently recommend them for CV, Resume, cover letter, business plans and proposal. I have referred many of my friends, both students and professionals to Prescott Papers and I am a witness of how they have benefited. The products made them win audience attention and sail through job interviews. They are now in their dream jobs while others successfully passed their classwork and research. Prescott Papers has been a savior to them.


Why choose Prescott Papers:

  • They give 100 per cent original content
  • They do extensive research on papers
  • The papers are well organized
  • They provide samples of work, you will know what to expect
  • They handle rush orders. They are very reliable with urgent orders
  • They don’t demand payment upfront
  • Transaction is secure and verified
  • You will enjoy confidentiality with them. They don’t disclose information to other parties.
  • Editing and revising your order is done free of charge
  • They have 24 hour human support to attend to you in case you need any assistance.

Prescott Papers is the ultimate writing solution for every student and professional. You don’t need to pressure yourself with that workload and assignments. You can trust your work to Prescott and enjoy your time as an expert handles it for you. Visit them here for exceptional services.


How you can Turn a Hobby into a Career

When choosing a career there are many attractions that people follow.  Young professionals often fall for the glamour or income that accompanies a certain career.  But there is no better way to accomplish dreams rather than pursuing what you are most passionate about, or simply call it your hobby.

In many cases we have seen chaps go to tertiary institution to pursue courses under intimidation and pressure from their parents. It is evident they end up failing horribly, quitting mid-way or just acquiring it and rarely put it to use.  For those who pursue careers out of love and free-will eventually find themselves doing exceptionally well  with it.

Venture in your Hobby

Apparently, great achievers relentlessly stick to their hobbies. Venturing in a hobby makes one to work out of love rather than obligation. When you follow your passion you will not mind working long hours or looking for extra cash to fund your venture. When you do your hobby all day, every day, with all you have at your disposal turning it to a career becomes an easy transition.


Phyllis Mufson, a famous career coach, believes “a hobby you really enjoy, can be an important part of choosing a career because your hobby, is a window into what you love and value and do most naturally,  which are all important components of a career where you’ll flourish.” Turning your hobby into a paying career does not take exponential efforts; it requires just determination to go through the hurdles. When you master some level of experience you will find it running swiftly.

With this approach, in pursuing a career, it brings tremendous joy and sense of accomplishment. It is most enjoyable as you earn from something you would be doing for free. It is much easier this way, because you have the skills, experience and the relevant connections. This will be essential to succeeding in any field.

Willing to Spend

You can turn your hobbies into a career by making products and services on it. For instance, if you are you are good in baking you can make cakes and pastries and sell them. This is a venture that can earn you good income. For designers and fashion inclined guys, making designer clothes and decorating or branding them can earn good money.  Hobbyists readily buy such items. Its common phenomenon that “Hobbyists tend to be very enthusiastic, passionate and willing to spend money on items related to their hobbies” So whichever hobby you have you can be innovative with it and make money.

You can also teach, coach or train on your hobby, provided your skills are above average. Create tutorials, seminars, and training centers or even do webinar on the internet. You will get interested audience as your clients or referrals from those who pop by. Many people have earned gigs and sustaining income using this approach. You can also write books or create performance series on you hobby. Those on the same hobby will find it resourceful and quite attractive.

“The next time you find yourself confused as to how to generate income from your hobbies, search out most successful entrepreneurs in your area of interest and study their business models and revenue streams. Ask yourself: Is their income coming from consulting services, events, classes, or product sales? What is their pricing strategy?” advises Nancy Collamer, an established life coach.

The Best Passive Income Businesses You Can Invest In

596776There are investment opportunities you can earn from, even without your day to day intervention. Passive income ideas are opportunities that you can earn with, while you are sleeping! Here is a brief exploration of the passive income opportunities that can make you big money.
Vending Machines, Games Machines, ATM: When you have a strategic location, this is an idea that can make you real money. With these machines, you can outsource all legwork and maintenance and still make good money with it.
Shares, Bills and Bonds: Companies often sell shares to customers and stakeholders. You can use such a window to buy shares. These shares will be paying dividends. You can later sell them out at a profit. For bonds, you buy them from the Treasury. They are available when the government wants to raise money like for the budget. Their returns are quite high though they are a bit expensive than shares and there is a minimum limit of the bonds/ bills that you can buy at a time.
Peer-To-Peer Lending: You can have some cash and lend it out to clients. They will repay this money with interest. You can, in turn, lend this money out over and over to have the business going and keep you money circulating.
Creating Software And Online Apps: There is a large market for online apps that you can utilize. If you are good with software development, you can create software and apps, website themes, plug-ins and other related products. This will earn you good cash for a long duration of time.
Owning YouTube Channel and Earn via AdSense: It’s easier to garner good audience base with video rather than written text. If you have good content in video form you can be able to draw a good number of viewers and this can earn you good money through AdSense.
Create A Reviews Website: You can review books and have an affiliate link with Amazon which will earn you cash. If your reviews are well phrased and insightful you will be earning good cash with them.
Rental Property: This is among the oldest passive ways to earn money. It is a sure way to make good money. When you have your premises in a strategic place with good structure and full occupancy, you will be getting good cash even when you’re away.
Online Courses: You can compile a tutorial or a course on the skills that you possess then sell it to potential customers online. When you compile such a course at the beginning you are sure to get some cash through it for a lifetime.
Selling an EBook: It is easy to compile and write a 100 page eBook and sell it online or through your blog/website. Selling this Ebook can earn you up to $100 in a week. Choose a niche that will gain interest among your readers.
Final Thoughts
Making money is not about working hard but rather working smart. With the above-described ideas, it’s possible to make money while you are sleeping. These ideas have been tested and proven, and many entrepreneurs have implemented them to make money.

Simple Ways To Start Saving Money Today.



It is possible to save money no matter your financial level. You do not need to have a six digit salary for you to start saving. When you start saving today it’s a mustard seed you are planting, it will grow big and be of great benefit to you some day. Described here are some viable tips you can use to save money today.

Avoid Spending Big Money on Entertainment

Frequent hanging out for entertainment and drinking can be expensive.  With uncontrolled spending in entertainment, it is possible to waste a whole months earning within a few days. Moderating your entertainment plans is a good way to start saving.

Avoid fast foods

Prepackaged meals may be your favorite. But making dinner and snacks at home can be a real enjoyable activity and will save you some money.  When you make some meals for yourself, you are sure to make it to some excellent taste rather than the fast foods you buy from the restaurants.

Save on the lights

Turn off the lights when there is ample natural sunlight.  Ensure the lights are off when you’re leaving your house or maybe when you leave the room. You can also try using energy-saving bulbs to save on electricity costs. It’s good to note most of this energy saving bulbs has a longer life, once you buy them you will not be going to the market to replace them.

Swap Movies, Music And Books

If you are movie or music lover, you don’t need to buy them every day. You can team up with friends and swap and barter with them. Once you have them in your possession and you’re through with them, you can exchange them with your peers. If you have a significant collection, you can exchange them at a movie store or a library.

Buy Quality Appliances

When buying electronics and other devices ensure you do proper research and get top notch items; long lasting items might cost a bit when buying but they will last longer and will save you significant cash. Try to do extensive research when buying appliances and consult users who have worked with it. It is said cheap is expensive.

Quit Using Credit Card.

If you have a temptation of instant spending, whenever you see something appealing, avoid carrying your credit card around. It’s easy to overspend when paying using your card, if you can’t restrain yourself from buying goods and services just try leaving it at home, this will help avoid unnecessary expenses.

Make a Price Comparison

Don’t limit yourself to one store for all you’re shopping. There are always seasonal promotions and offers in different stores, try comparing prices and be up to date with the sales in this outlets. This will help you get the best deals available in the market and will save you a lot of money.

Eliminate Stress- Spending

It’s easy to find yourself spending money just to wind down stress. Spending money won’t reduce stress, so it’s better to engage in activities that will lighten your spirit like exercise, listening to music and dancing or even taking a nap.

Share Dreams and Ambitions.

When you have a big plan, you consider engaging people who are very close to you. They will always guide or criticize you, but they are very honest when doing it. They will also challenge you and give you insights on some issues you might have overlooked. This will save a great amount of money.

Quit Unnecessary Groups

If you have social groups that are not adding much to you, it’s wise to quit them. Such groups may be old clubs, social groupings and maybe ‘chamas’ where you have a membership. In most of them, there are regular contributions.

It’s worthy also to mention moderating your social media use can save you money. Suppose you have tens of active Whatsapp groups that are streaming hundreds of messages images and videos in a minute. You realize how addictive these platforms are.  All these media cost you bundles. Quitting unnecessary groups and pages can save you a lot of money and time.

Observe Cleanliness

By just keeping your hands, fruits and meals clean you will avoid acquiring viruses and bacteria, saving you on medical bills and lost productivity. Basic sanitation will save you a considerable amount of money.

Apply 10 Second Rule.

Whenever you are buying, before paying for an item; ask yourself why you are buying it. This might sound tricky, but it’s a good way to avoid the things you might not need. It will eliminate impulse buying.

Final Thought

The above-outlined tips are very feasible and will help someone to avoid unnecessary spending and therefore save some money. Try them out, and you will soon nurture a saving routine.

How the Internet can Improve Farming Practices.

Nowadays, people are quitting their white color jobs to venture into commercial farming. This has been due to the testimonials from other successful farmers who have been fortunate to excel in the field. To be your own boss in farming career, the internet is a must-have tool. It has loads of information that you direly require.

Here is some useful information on how technology and internet has improved farming.

Best Farming Techniques

The internet has lots of farming techniques which are current and have been proved to be the best. You don’t need to have a lot of information on farming to do it, with access to internet you can learn a lot about farming from small to large-scale farming from the comfort of your home. From the internet you will be able to learn the latest farming methods, the best seeds, the latest high producing breeds in the market, the market channels available. You will get almost all answers to the questions that would be giving you a headache.

Monitor Production

Photo courtesy of Domotele Technology


Technology has improved farming in a big way. We now have poultry farmers using their smartphones to detect health risks and master each hen’s production. The data is collected by sensors attached to each hen and stored in a cloud from where the farmer can easily access it through the internet. That is quite awesome. This has made it possible to master poultry health and avoid cases of theft.

Best Pest and Disease Control

Different regions experience different challenges when it comes to farming; this depends on the type of soil and climate. The challenge is even greater to the working class citizens who can rarely get time to attend seminars on farming; the good news is that there are eBooks, which one can download and get to know how to go about the challenges even before they start farming. You can start farming and become very successful if you do some good research online and get to the necessary knowledge on pest and disease control. Different agricultural departments give periodical reports on the pests and diseases that worry farmers. This information will help you cut losses.

Know Your Region

You must be knowledgeable about which type of crops can do well in your area. How can you do this? You can use the internet and get information on the altitude, rainfall patterns and the type of soil in your area, to guide you on the type of crops to grow. It may be awful to go into farming without this vital information; these are factors that directly affect your production level.


Marketing is a key factor to consider when one is planning to do farming. Days have changed and not many people walk to the market places with their produce on their heads or on trucks. You can advertise your farm produce to 1000s of people within a very short period. Sites like are very good for all types of farmers to engage and interact. Internet has made it possible and opened opportunities for and anyone who is interested can give it a try. Other sites that you can visit include and lastly you can try

Final Thought

Thinking of any type of farming , be it fruits and vegetables, cereals or even animal rearing, once you decided on which way to go, do an online search; you will be surprised by lots of useful information that you will get. You can also go through some testimonials of successful farmers who have been successful by using the internet as their major source of information. Internet saves you a lot of time and you can easily get viable information and solve most of your farming queries.


How You Can Make Money Through Facebook.


Yes! It’s very much possible to make money through your Facebook account. If you are a bit flexible minded and creative, Facebook can be your source of income or even make you a star. In fact, some people have risen to stardom through this social media platform. Now they are earning significant cash.
Suppose you have 1000 friend and followers in your timeline. You can do a lot with such a crowd. Here are some suggestions you can implement to and make some money:
Social Media Campaigns
Oftenly you will get corporate and firms having campaigns, creating awareness and sensitizing their brands. Nowadays every company wants to trend and be impactful. With good communication, you can approach such companies and do the tasks for them. This can be done by creating awareness among your friends and peers.
Selling of Product and Services/ Skill Sharing
If you have some life skills like photography, cooking, writing, tutoring, singing or dancing or some other skills you can create a fan page to sell your services. You can have gigs, samples and some demos to market your skills to potential clients. You never know, you might land a genuine client who is looking for the skills you possess. You can also make EBooks or some Kindle books, create designs, create websites and use Facebook to sell them out. This has made a lot of people to be instant millionaires.
Facebook Administration
If you have a really good online presence and excellent strategies to influence crowds; you might think of being a Facebook administrator for some busy personnel or an organization. There is also the art of being a brand ambassador; companies assign you to be their face on the social platforms. This might be some clothing company, a food and beverage firm or any corporate that may deem it worthy for you to be their ambassador. Just by posting and creating awareness for their items and brand you get your income.
Affiliate Marketing and Creating Backlinks
You can have links from other site attached to your page. This might be URL link to some blog or website that you want to market and get traffic to. Or simply make them trend. They can also be a YouTube channel or an article or some artwork in an external website. By doing this, you market it and get they ought to pay you for that. In affiliate marketing, you are paid for referring people to a site or convincing them to buy products/services. Facebook can be a good product to get such people.
What You Need to Earn Online.
 You must have patience and consistency.
 Give some excellent content.
 Make you look business orient. If it’s too personal, it will not get you much traffic.
 Have a good schedule ad strategy for what you post.
 Choose a good niche that will get you some followers and engage them to action or thinking.
 Have some incentives to promote and boost your services.
 Interact with people and know some needs you might convert to opportunities.
 Generate leads to market your products and services.
 Be very professional in your posts.

Final Thoughts
With this tips you will get good traffic to your Facebook account, this will probably convert into real income. Facebook is not just about fun and chatting. It can make you real cash if used creatively.

10 Small Businesses You Can Set Up With Sh.5000

imagesYou may be wondering which type of business you can start with as little as 5000 bob. There are so many small businesses that you can start with that amount and give you some income that can sustain you at the end of the day. On the other hand, you can be sure to get back your capital after a month or so depending on your commitment and customer relation. Here are 10 small businesses that you can start with 5000 bob.

  1. Cleaning Services

This is a very good business for you to start if you are leaving in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa or any other big town where people are busy and rarely get time for their home cleaning. You can start it alone then employ trusted people to assist you. If you are busy and you don’t want to do the work yourself then you can go ahead and get clients then you send your employees to do the work.

  1. Selling Second Hand Clothes (Mitumba)

This is one of the businesses that you can start with as little as sh.1000. “Mitumba” suppliers are all over the country meaning that you can do this business from wherever you are. Most of these clothes go at double the buying price. You just need a space to put your “Mitumba” then pay the county or city council the tax for that day that you have worked.

  1. Selling Chapati and Mandazi

To start selling chapati and mandazi and other homemade snacks you need less than 5k. You can do this business in your neighborhood, you can be sure to make some good sales in the morning; this is the time when people will be buying mandazi and chapati for breakfast. These products are also a favorite for school going children. You need a place with high traffic for this type of business.

  1. Daycare Services

Most women nowadays are in the corporate world and don’t trust house help with their babies. The good part of this business is that you can start it with one or two children just in your house and expand it as the number of children increase. You can give it a trial; it’s an opportunity that has not been fully exploited.

  1. Shoe-shining

To start a shoe shining business you need shoe Polish of different colors, a seat, and a brush. In some towns, you will be required to pay per day which makes your work easy. This business can make you good money if you’re committed and available for your costumers whenever they need you. You need a strategic place where customers can easily access or near bus stops or offices.

  1. Hawking

So many people have started as hawkers and ended up being very successful in life. You need as little as sh.500 to start this business. You can identify different types of products like baby diapers, umbrellas during the rainy season, and lots of edible products.

  1. Sausages and Boiled Eggs

This business needs as less as 1k to start; you can make a double profit at the end of the day. There are two options for this business, you can decide to hawk or have a specific point that you operate from.

  1. Greengrocer and fruit selling

To be a greengrocer you just need to identify a specific point, you don’t need to get a stall in the market; it can do well even in your estate. The expense is low in this business because you can just walk to the market and buy the goods from your favorite supplier and carry it back yourself and with some cheap permits and licenses from the county council you will be good to work.

  1. Selling Lunch in Offices

Most people who are either in their own businesses or working in offices may not get time to go for their favorite lunch. If you can be in a position to prepare food that your clients want then they will be comfortable with your services as opposed to eating from stalls “Kibanda” and restaurants. You need as little as Ksh.1000 to start this business.

  1. Selling Movies

Movie selling is a business that you can still comfortably do if you know where to get movies and duplicate them. Through this you can make some good cash.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of other can do like invest in Shares, or maybe lend it out to a Sacco and after sometime it will yield some good profits later. You can also rear and breed pets among other business ideas. Get a bit more creative and soon you will be making good income out of some simple chores.




How To Make Money On YouTube


For content creators, film makers, cinematographers, artists and tutors YouTube comes with lots of goodies for you. You can passively make loads of cash through this social site.

Here we are going to go through some procedure you can follow to earn via YouTube.

What you need:

  • A YouTube channel: You must have your own YouTube channel, and to setup one you need to be 18 years and older. There are simple easy to follow steps when signing up for a YouTube account.
  • Original video content: You tube is strict on copyright issues. Any fraud on copyright privileges is taken serious and can make you to be penalized. To avoid plagiarism suits and penalties you have to upload your own original videos.
  • Google AdSense& You Tube Partnership: This is a platform that Google uses to monitor, calculate for adverts viewed and to play them. You will need to setup an account with Google AdSense then link it to you YouTube channel. YouTube Partnership program authorizes payments after every given period.
  • Online banking accounts: In order to access the cash you need to have PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer or any other account that supports online payments.
  • Active Audience: you have a good flow of traffic to your site. They have to be engaged and at least click the ads on your channel.

In YouTube the major source of funding is through ads displayed and marketed in your page. So you have good advance presence so as to earn considerable amount. Here is the procedure to monetize videos in YouTube:

  1. Upload an original video. You need to own the copyright of the content you upload.
  2. Allow ads from Google, other websites or blogs linked to your channel.
  3. Market and make your content to have as many viewers as you possibly can.
  4. Convince your audience to click and view the ads.
  5. Under your channel in monetize your videos. Enable monetize videos And link them to AdSense. Allow all preferable ads to play in the page. Read all procedure and laws carefully to be sure what you are committing to.

Now you need to know now the types of adverts available in YouTube:

  • The overly in-video ads- they play on your screen when you play you video. They have boxes and have products links. Once you click them they will they will take you to an external site.
  • Skippable video ads– This are video adverts that play in your channel. They are just seconds long and have a skip button

Some guaranteed ways to make earn through YouTube.

Product mention/ Sponsored Ads: You can access clients and present their products and services in your video. This will give you good income. You will need to model your video to showcase your client’s products.

Affiliate marketing: Here you market client’s product. Once the product and services are bought you get your earning. You have to do intense marketing benefit from this strategy.

Once you have good number of views you can be assured of having a passive income for almost all your life. You can make $5-10 per 1000 views. The more the views and adverts you have more the income. You need to have HD videos with a good sound quality to attract your viewers. You have to make sure your channel ranks high in Google search engines. Educational and entertainment videos tend to attract more views and adverts. All the best as you invest in youtube.


Bahati Owes Kenyans a Remorseful Apology.



Of the Jubilee Party Merger over the weekend, Hit Gospel singer won all the show: in a bad way! Bahati who is famed for his gospel hits like ‘Itakuwa sawa’, ‘Mama’ and ‘Visanga’ gathered a lot of social media buzz by grabbing the President’s seat.

At one point when he was performing, Bahati took the president by the arm and pulled him out of the presidential chair. You might argue his charge of adrenaline was exceeding him. But as if this was not enough he also pulled out the deputy president.  He sang while seated at their seat and careless patching his leg on the presidential chair. This to my opinion was a bit more out of order and quite disrespectful.

I am a great fan of his music. In fact I have almost all his songs in my playlist. But that act was unjustifiable and embarrassing. As a gospel artist he needs to have self-control and be moderate in his actions. Protocols should be observed at all times and there is no shortcut to that.

The president is leader and ruler of the republic, the Commander-in-chief of the Forces, the leader and the overseer of all government arms and functions; and not just another guy to joke and play with! He needs to be respected at all cost and approached with humility and trebling. The way old Wazees always humbled and bowed when addressing and approaching leaders.

We have rights and privileges and might want to do crazy things to impress the audience but the law of respect is paramount.  There is no privilege that allows one to do embarrassing acts to his superiors.

What are protocols for? Are the just some writings? But as it is just a campaign period this will go with the breeze.  The president will just dance to it. I wonder where were his security when this ugly incident happened?

Bahati owes Kenyans a remorseful apology. Please share and tag him for the apology.